Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Adventure Divas

My first cousin Michael married an amazing woman named Holly Morris. Last night they were in San Francisco for her book tour to promote Adventure Divas, which describes Holly's travels around the world to discover other amazing women.

"After years as a desk-jockey, Holly Morris quit her job and set out to prove that adventure is not just a vacation style but a philosophy of living — and to find like-minded, risk-taking women around the globe. With modest backing, a small television crew, her spirited producer-mother, Jeannie, and a whole lot of chutzpah, Morris tracked down artists, activists, and politicos — women of action who change the rules, and sometimes the world around them.

Morris brings to life the remarkable people and places she’s encountered on the road while filming her PBS series Adventure Divas and other programs: Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther, now a fugitive living in exile in Cuba; Kiran Bedi, New Delhi’s chief of police, who revolutionized India’s infamously brutal Tijar Jail with her humanitarian ethic; New Zealand pop star Hinewehi Mohi, a Maori who reinvigorates her native culture for a new generation; and Mokarrameh Ghanbari, a septuagenarian painter and rice farmer who lives in a tiny village in Iran, where her creative talents run counter to the government’s strict stance on art. Along the way, Morris hunts for wild boar with Penan tribesmen in the jungles of Borneo; scales the Matterhorn short-roped to a salty fourth-generation Swiss guide, and memorably becomes the first woman to enter the traditional camel race of the Saharan oasis town of Timia."


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